From old-skool Chicago punk to NY off-Broadway musical theatre to LA DJs and Miami cover bands, A Sample Life is composed of young yet seasoned musicians Adam Stein and Stephanie Fravel. While their first single began as a simple melody Stephanie hummed to herself, their sound has evolved into a full collaborative effort. Straight out of University of Miami’s studio music program, Stephanie brings a knowledge of melodic construction and theatricality to the stage as Adam brings years of knowledge behind guitar/bass and letting the beat drop to round out the sound. The lyrics reflect storytelling, as guitar and keyboard melodies reflect a full range of emotion. Both members bring life-longings for adventure and spontaneity to the stage with their version of live mash-ups and arrangements of older rock/punk songs.

A Sample Life is a full repertoire of music created by Adam and Stephanie utilizing original, programmed samples and/or beats from already known songs, as well as some more acoustically composed singer/songwriter style songs. The set-up can be as simple as two microphones, a guitar, looping pedal and auxiliary percussion instruments to a more complicated set including a laptop, bass, vocal processor/drum machine, and a few more percussion instruments. A full sound is created between the two as they strive to communicate an intoxicating energy from the stage.


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